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Daily Readings for Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Reading 1: Ezekiel 2:8-10, Reading 1: Ezekiel 3:1-4, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:14, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:103, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:24, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:111, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:72, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 119:131, Gospel: Matthew 18:10, Gospel: Matthew 18:12-14, Gospel: Matthew 18:1-5

St. Clare of Assisi: Saint of the Day for Tuesday, August 11, 2020

St. Clare of Assisi was born in Assisi on July 16, 1194, as Chiara Offreduccio, the beautiful eldest daughter of Favorino Sciffi, Count of Sasso-Rosso and his wife Ortolana. Tradition says her father was a wealthy representative of an ancient Roman family and her mother was a very devout woman belonging to the noble family of Fiumi. As a young girl, Clare dedicated herself to prayer. At 18-years-old, she heard St. Francis of Assisi preach during a Lenten service in the church of San Giorgio ...

Prayer for the Safety of a Soldier: Prayer of the Day for Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Almighty and eternal God, those who take refuge in you will be glad and forever will shout for joy. Protect these soldiers as they discharge their duties. Protect them with the shield of your strength and keep them safe from all evil and harm. May the power of your love enable them to return home in safety, that with all who love them, they may ever praise you for your loving care. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Prayer Requests Live for Monday, August 10th, 2020 HD

To submit your prayer requests to be read live go to: Support Catholic Online by Subscribing to our Channel: More on Prayers: Catholic Online Shopping: [] Prayer Book Collection [] Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers [] Praying the Rosary with Pope Francis [] Spiritual ...

Daily Reading for Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 HD

Reading 1, Ezekiel 9:1-7; 10:18-22 1 Then he shouted loudly for me to hear, 'The scourges of the city are approaching, each carrying his weapon of destruction!' 2 Immediately six men advanced from the upper north gate, each holding a deadly weapon. Among them was a man dressed in linen, with a scribe's ink-horn in his belt. They came in and halted in front of the bronze altar. 3 The glory of the God of Israel rose from above the winged creature where it had been, towards the threshold of the ...

Deacon Keith Fournier on Lawrence the Deacon and the Call of Catholic Deacons in a Missionary age

Catholic Deacons are ordained members of the Catholic Clergy, ordained not to the priesthood but to the ministry. We are not laymen any longer after ordination. Even though we may have had effective and vital ministries as lay leaders before, something substantial has changed by the imposition of the hands of one of the successors of the Apostles, our Bishop. We are now ordained ministers of the Catholic Church, called into the world as clerical missionaries. I work closely with ...

TERMINATOR? - AI will battle a human in a chilling, simulated air-to-air dogfight next week - and you can watch it happen

Next week, on August 18, teams of researchers will compete to see whose artificial intelligence program is the deadliest in air-to-air fighter combat. The winning team's AI will compete against a human pilot on August 20.

Daily Readings for Monday, August 10, 2020

Reading 1: 2 Corinthians 9:6-10, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 112:5-9, Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 112:1-2, Gospel: John 12:24-26

St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr: Saint of the Day for Monday, August 10, 2020

By: Deacon Keith Fournier The year was 258 A.D. It was a difficult beginning for what would become the First Christian Millennium. Hostility against the early followers of Jesus Christ was growing. The barbarism and severity of pagan Rome had begun to reach a fever pitch. It would soon lead to a blood lust. The newborn Christian Church, faithful to the One who had given Himself for the life of the world, continued the work of His redemption.   Roman authorities charged Christians of that era ...

Guardian Angel Prayer: Prayer of the Day for Monday, August 10, 2020

Guardian Angel from heaven so bright, Watching beside me to lead me aright, Fold thy wings round me, and guard me with love, Softly sing songs to me of heaven above. Amen.