Christian life means sacrifice - Pope John XXIII

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 A Brief History of St. Bonaventure Parish 

In November 1917, Most Reverend Dennis J. Dougherty, Bishop of Buffalo assigned Reverend Henry R. Shnur, pastor of St. Joseph Church in Varysburg, New York to begin a new Roman Catholic Parish in West Seneca.  Father Schnur and two friends stopped at a store at the corner of Harem Road and Seneca Street to inquire about the possibility of purchasing land and buildings around which to construct the new parish.

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A Brief History of St. William Parish 

As early as 1920, there was a desire and hope of starting a new parish in the Winchester area of West Seneca. In the summer of 1925 a census was taken by St. John the Baptist Parish and the results revealed that the Catholic children of Winchester had very little instruction in the faith.

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