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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

 From the Desk of Annette Breen, Director of Faith Formation

Annette Breen

April 12, 2019

Holy Week begins this week. The sights and sounds of Holy Week are ingrained in my memory. I remember palms in our Church and the washing of feet on Holy Thursday. Most predominate in my memories are the practices of Good Friday. My Dad worked and my Mom didn’t have a car so Good Friday was observed at home. I remember the seriousness of our fasting. We engaged in fasting that day with real purpose and almost a joy. Most of all I remember the radio being on all afternoon. I remember the hours between noon and 3 being devoted to the Passion of Christ and the retelling of those events. I remember the silence at 3 o’clock and I can still recall being drawn into that moment. It was so simple and so poignant. I pray that the generation of children that we are now nurturing in our Parish can find their own holy moments in experiencing Holy Week. The world has certainly changed since I sat with my family around a radio but the Crucifixion contains the same message. My hope for all this Holy Week is that we can find that sim-ple, silent moment to experience Jesus’ love for us from the Cross.

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