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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

 From the Desk of Annette Breen, Director of Faith Formation

Annette Breen

February 22, 2019

The majesty and beauty of nature always makes me stop to thank God for such great gifts. I have had profound experiences of God’s presence in seeing a perfect blue sky, a mighty ocean beachfront and once a scene when flying over the Alps at daybreak. Overall though, it is the little things that remind me of God. A hummingbird at my feeder, the first crocus in Spring, and a gentle breeze can stop me in my tracks. We all en-counter God differently but God is always there when we look. He waits for us to slow down and seek Him. Thank you God for always being there. What great patience God has. Recently I had an experience that made me feel very weak and almost useless. And then one day I found this in an email: “No matter how weak you may think you are, you are never too weak to be used in great ways by God.” - Dan Dematte. I am humbled by that statement. No matter how weak or small or insignificant we judge ourselves to be, God uses the love and beauty in us to do great things in the world. As an example, just think how many times the children in our lives and in our Parish have helped us to experience God among us. So to-day I thank God for all that is small and weak in me.

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